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Dear Families,

I cannot tell you how excited the Walton staff is to welcome back families and students for the 2023-2024 school year. Seeing the smiling faces of families, and all of our students anxious with anticipation during Open House helped us all remember why we do what we do every day--our children.


The energy everyone radiated with as they walked through our freshly waxed hallways brought the school back to life for all. Please know that our goal here at Walton is to always have families as a part of our school whether it be physically, such as at Open House, or through the lens of learners through images, such as on our social media pages. Collaboration in the name of student success is always our aim at Walton.


As the summer comes to a close we take this opportunity to welcome the change that is to follow. Our forecast for the school year predicts both colder weather, and remarkable growth both physically and academically for all children. Please know that your Walton staff is always here to support your child. Welcome back Owls!



 Meghan Wood

Meghan Wood

Walton Elementary School Principal


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